Amazon Product Testers Job Work from Home San Diego, California


Are you the type of person who wants to get try great products while getting paid for your time? Welcome to Product Reviewers Jobs, where we help those who want to try products on Amazon and test those selected products while getting the product for free and getting paid for their time to post their review online. That’s correct, test products on Amazon you receive for free, and get paid to test and keep those products. All you have to do is simply listed below!

Why do product review jobs work so well? Businesses who sell products want you - we are now hiring for product review jobs on Amazon for contract-based work from home product testing. Our product testers will get paid $20-$60 per product testing for their time while getting the product for free.

The benefits of working with the team at Product Review Jobs are:

  • Work remote from home anytime, minimal time required
  • Test free products on Amazon you receive for free
  • Get paid quick cash for your time to review those products on Amazon
  • Get many products to test and try

Who’s Qualified For Participating in Working With Us?

  • Must be at least 18 years of age
  • Must have a Paypal account to receive funds
  • Must have an Amazon account (Amazon Prime not required)
  • Must live in the Boston, Massachusetts (valid Boston shipping address)
  • Must be able to write in English
  • Able to upload pictures and/or videos to Amazon products (Smartphone uploads are acceptable)


How Does Our Amazon Product Review Jobs Work?

1. Get Products for FREE on Amazon
We’ll pay you to purchase pre-determined products on Amazon. Simply order what we tell you to order and you’ll be ready for the next step.
2. Test the products we give to you as part of your job
Once you receive the product, test it, and be ready to write your review.
3. Get paid CASH for your time in testing the product
Once you post your review, get paid CASH every time! We usually pay within 24 hours once you post your review on Amazon. It’s fast and simple.

Your Feedback Is Making the World of a Difference

Business owners strive for people like yourself to test their products. Why? Feedback is one of the most important assets to a business, it can make or break a product so those who bring a product to market first want to know if it will be successful or not. This is why businesses are after users like yourself to test products on many newly released products listed on Amazon. We make it easy for you to make cash every time.

Here’s a satisfied user who tested products on Amazon from the testing channel:

“I got paid $50 to test each product every 5 days, great and easy cash highly recommended this site to my reviews and family” - Product Reviewer Job user.

Even business owners love us, and that’s who we connect you with.

“ It's pretty gratifying to see our product was successfully liked by those who tested it, it definitely confirms to me my investment before I got too involved in how much time and money would go into testing the market” - Business owner who hired Product Reviewer Jobs


We love working with people and we want you to know how it works before getting started on testing products.

We’ve listed some of the frequently asked questions about our product review jobs open to the public.

  1. How does this program work?
    Our product testing jobs are made for those who want to receive free products and get paid to simply test them on Amazon by posting their review?
  2. Do I get to choose the products?
    Yes and no. We get an exclusive list of products and the products are distributed to the first come and first serve
  3. Why do you need my PayPal account?
    We pay users who participate in our Amazon product job by PayPal.
  4. How come I need an Amazon account to participate?
    The products are exclusive on Amazon. Without an Amazon account (Prime NOT required) you cannot participate.
  5. How does one go on and keep receiving products to review?
    Contact the representative who initially contacted you stating your interests and they will be in touch with you.
  6. Do I need an Amazon Prime account to participate in the product testing job here?
  7. Can my family and friends participate?
    Yes, we love your referrals to have them join us!
  8. How much will I get paid to test products on Amazon?
    Reviews pay $20-$60 per product depending on the product at the time of being qualified to participate.
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